A cage is an object designed to contain someone or something and according to many dictionaries “an animal”. Within the concept and object of cage lays a necessary polarity: There is someone or something being caged, and someone or something caging.

 A cage therefor underlines a relationship between the dominant vs. dominee. Already this bipolarity can be interpreted in many ways:  powerful vs powerless, rich vs poor, society vs individual etc.

 A cage also underlines the concept of premeditation, of “action towards”. “Rarely” someone has been caged “unintentionally”! Why?  First, a cage has to be built and a space has to be rearranged as a cage. Second of all, someone or something has to be trapped to be in that cage.

 Trapped by the movement of world that started long before my time in a post contemporary spirit, I have spent some creating music around a notion that is dear to my work: “ dystopia”.  The consciousness of being caged by a power which through industrial wealth, make me feel like a forgotten laboratory experiment, the anger of a social contract that was a lie from the start, the degeneration of a more refined culture into a mass culture… those are only a few examples of pressure points that I feel are caging me as a human being. As an artist, I find freedom… but it will never be enough…

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