At 5 years old, one of the album Alice remembers listening to is Keith Jarrett’s masterpiece Facing you. It took years for Alice to be able to free himself from an influence that he did not know how to use. Other heroes came to live in Alice’s mind and heart, and luckily Alice was able to build his own direction. It took a global pandemic to finally find a path to answer this major influence that was Facing you. Bitonality, challenge of structure, lyricism, all dear concepts to Alice that you might be able to spot when listening to Portait in slides. 




I / The Underdog’s walk

The Underdog’s walk is the first of Alice Orpheus’s performance where he designs a music walk for the night.

How does it work?

– The audience is asked to come the gig with a smartphone that can access youtube and pair of headpones. They are also reminded that their a closing door time after which they cannot be allowed.

– For some show, the audience is given at meeting point that is not the venue, but a bar somewhere elese, were we will all meet. They’ll be great by some of Alice ‘s team and a member of the venue.

– Once everyone ready, a 20 minutes  music walk, designed for that night and that walk starts as Alice’s team leads them slowlly to the venue. Sometimes the playlist is curated by Alice Orpheus, sometimes it is composer for the night itself. 

– After a 20 minutes walk the audience is at the venue. 

II / Live

Classic live with energy and emotion, Alice Orpheus still use interactive moments where he asks the audience to put in blind folder on their eyes etc. 

Booking Portrait in slides

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