The world “animality” means according to the Webster dictionary: “physical, instinctive behavior or qualities”. For Alice, the notion of instinct is heavily related to the  concept of environment (which is the point that the field of sociology makes). In that matter the concept of violence mainly exists as a “reaction”, sometimes building a vocabulary of violence that leads to a certain determinism. Many studies have been achieved in that topic both in the fields of social sciences.

Now what about violence as an action, or a choice. It is harder to study. But what strikes Alice, is what we see when we stop focusing on the individual and start looking at the history of our human race. Who could accurately tell this story without the concept of violence?

What strikes many today is that this violence has consumed us as a race to the point where we started destroying our own environment. Of course, we put ourselves in frames where the determinism was so strong that we would need a revolution to change everything…

With Animalism, Alice wanted to explore the energy of a group, a race that leads to darker times, death danger and eventually the one of spirituality as guidance.

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