2084 is a piece for string Orchestra, 2 choirs, narrator, recorder harspichord and recorded music written by Alice Orpheus during his 2019-2020 residence at the city of Chevilly-Larue (France).

Abstract tribute to George Orwell’s novel 1984, 2084 deals with the concept of dystopia as a narrative. 

As a city project, supported by the state, this piece involves primary schools for Chevilly-Larue (Paul Bert A&B with Mr Tiberge and Mr Lenevez), André Malraux high school (Mme Prokocimer) and Liberté high school (Madame Droulers and Mr Pointron). 2084 also  involves the 2 choirs from the Conservatory of dance and music of Chevilly-Larue, with the exceptional choir master Kyori Oshida, and the action of a passionate Head of Conservatory Dominique Guiguet.

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