Morphems – for piano solo  (2018)

The fight – for timpany and recorded tape (2021)

Without Care – for solo Oboe and recorded tape (2021) 

To the docks – for solo piano and recorded tape (2021)

How she looked at the sea (2021)

Electives affinities – duo for prepared keyboard and piano (2021)

Elements – Pärt One for prepared midi keyboard AOKIV (2022)



The sea, morning I – for piano , Rhodes, vibraphone and marimba (2020)

Eugène by the sea – for percussions and keys – (2020)

Sun Rays – for percussions and keys (2021)

Congolese Forest  – for percussion and keys (2021)



San Francisco Enraged  for choir (2020) 

Abysse noire for choir (2020)



Electric Bird I & II – for youth Orchestra (2019)

Eviction (2021) 



My lady  – Master H presents Alice Orpheus (2009) 

Out of this life – Master H presents Alice Orpheus (2010)

I’m a drifter who can’t let go – Master H presents Alice Orpheus (2011)

Fire – synth ambient music (2023)


2084 – for string orchestra, choir recorder, harpsichord and recorded tape – City of Chevilly-Larue, Fr (2019-2020)  

Soundtrack for showroom – La maison Goyard (2020

De la spiritualité, hommage à Pauline Jaricot  commande du festival Superspective Lyon  fr (2022) 



Current Rythms – for piano, voices, viola, percussions – string orchestra (2011) 

Spirits from the sand – for piano, voices, viola, percussions – string orchestra (2013) 

Minutes of the dawn –  for piano, voices, viola, percussions – string orchestra (2014)

Animalism ( 2019)

Underneath  – for viola marimba and voice (2020) 



Feeling out loud – Alice Orpheus (2007) 

Darkening – Alice Orpheus  (2010)

Spring fruits – Gérald Toto (2011) 

The way we kill – Alice Orpheus (2013) 

Mama – David Walters (2020) 

Face to Face – Epic Empire (2020) 

Nothing’s pretty – Alice Orpheus (2018)

Elle lui eux – Alice Orpheus (2021)



Alice has performed with the likes of : Cecil Taylor, Keziah Jones, Ran Blake, Bob Rakam Moses, Lahsa de Sela, J.J. Johanson, Alice Lewis, Hankus Netsky, Chassol, Dave Liebmann, Richard Bona, Camille, FKJ, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Seiji Ozawa, Martha Strongin Katz, Didier Lockwood, Richard Galiano, Lucky Peterson etc…



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