Alice Orpheus is a French composer, singer-songwriter music producer and arranger who started as a classically trained violin player and composer. As a young teen he started gypsy jazz around the Django Reinhardt’s family in France while performing classical repertoire both as a violinist and a violist in churches and classical venues. From that time, he remains deeply attached to structures, the harmony of classical pieces and the urge of performing. By his late teen, after studying philosophy and art history at La Sorbonne, he was a scholar both in classical and Jazz at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Boston.

It is at that time that Alice started singing blues, soul and studying pop folk songwriting . As a singer, he spent most of his time in churches singing gospel and experimenting with local bands, building a sense of soul that should never leave him.

After a more than two decades of music schools and mentors such as Paul Bley, Hankus Netsky, William Fitzpatrick or Ran Blake, and making a living from live performance in soul, jazz and classical music he chose to study on his own this time pop and classical scores for a more than a year in New Zealand. Although it was a retreat from the world he knew, where he spend his time, writing music, stories and painting, he got his first position as a songwriting teacher at the Auckland University, and private commissions as a composer.

By learning more and more about pop, and rock music, he fell into electronic. It was clear that his life had and will be spent studying, experimenting and creating. Back to France, in 2009 he recorded his first electronic music maxi for a French deep House Label Komplex de Deep.

Alice Orpheus works as  as a commissioned composer, a songwriter, arranger and musical directors for music companies and signed, as well as a educator as he teaches harmony and methodology at Cours Florent Musique (Paris, fr).

Composer “en résidence” 2019/2020 of Chevilly-La-Rue Conservatory and city (France), for which he wrote “2084 The soul of city”, Alice Orpheus both builds a body a work expressing his many influences. 

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